Specialist areas

Apart from the regular services as a claim service provider in the field of transportation, we offer additional services in specialist areas.

Here are some examples.

Risk evaluation at storage areas

The possible accumulation of values at (warehouse) locations is frequently underestimated. This also applies to the diverse risks that a location can be subject to, ranging from the features and accessibility of the location through transshipment processes, natural disasters and possible contamination to events such as fire and theft.

We put these risks into relationship with available storage capacity, volumes and values. We use the collected information to show you the existing potential risk and make recommendations for corrective measures.

General average

We offer advice and support for parties involved in general average cases and their insurers. This ranges from initial loss information to rapid release of goods, without having to accept disadvantages in the wording of bonds due to time pressure.

After prompt release and delivery of saved goods or their liquidation in the (salvage) port, we provide further services, such as the processing of general average contributions.

In the event of uncertainty regarding the cause of damage and potential claims against responsible parties, we initiate investigations at a very early stage. In the interests of optimal and cost-reducing protection of interests, we seek solidarity with other similar interests, without relinquishing our own freedom of decision.

After the release of saved goods, the focus is on defending against unreasonable demands for contributions under the applicable version of the York-Antwerp Rules and on enforcing possible recovery claims against other involved parties. With these services we ensure a reduction in workload for our principals and realise significant financial Advantages for them.

Hail damage (major Events)

Hailstorms cause major damage to vehicles every year. Reck & Co. is familiar with these cases: Our team includes experts in surveying and settling vehicle damage and specialists  for the handling of major hail events.

Our services include initial survey, invitation to tender and selection of the appropriate smart repair company, establishing and monitoring local repair infrastructure, involving the manufacturer for quality assurance and subsequent invoice checking.

Inland hull insurance

We survey damage related to Inland vessels and its mechanical and technical Equipment. We also investigate marine structures such as landing stages, pilings, bridges, locks, cranes and hoists. Our experts survey the damage, calculate the loss, evaluate cost proposals and – if necessary – monitor repairs. Together with our expert colleagues in Hamburg, Bremen and Basel, we cover not only the entire German North Sea and Baltic coast but also the entire river and canal system in Germany, Switzerland and the neighbouring countries.


We are partners in the world’s leading networks of Lloyd’s Agency, AIMU and CESAM.

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