Merry Christmas

Dear clients and business partners,

Unfortunately, the COVID 19 pandemic continued to dominate our lives in 2021.

While Europe has meanwhile managed to cope with the challenges of the pandemic, there are, as we know, very many countries in the world where vaccine doses, let alone food or drinking water, are not available in sufficient quality and quantity. Therefore, this year we would like to focus on those who lack the basic necessities for survival.

The effects of global climate change are being felt particularly strongly by the people of Malawi. Extreme weather events and long periods of drought destroy local harvests and result in extremely high food prices for the local population.

In times of climate change, livestock farming can improve the food supply and generate a regular income for the people involved in agriculture in Malawi.

This year, we have therefore decided to forego all Christmas events, greetings and presents and instead enable people in Malawi to start raising goats.

Within the framework of the project, participants are given training by expert instructors each receiving a basic stock of 4 nanny goats and a buck for livestock breeding. This enables the people to contribute to the local food supply and, at the same time, secure their livelihood.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your cooperation and trust. At the same time, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy, joyful and peaceful Christmas, as well as relaxing holidays, and the best of health for the coming year 2022.